Dr. Chris Chahoud | Trauma
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In the unfortunate circumstance that you suffer a facial injury, you may be referred to Dr Chahoud for repair of your teeth, cheek bone, eye socket or upper and lower jaws.  This will, in most cases, require admission into hospital for the placement of plates, screws or wires to realign the teeth and facial bones. Hospital admission is normally one to two days with up to two weeks recovery time and no contact sport for four to six weeks.

Preparing for Surgery

In most trauma cases admission to hospital is immediate with surgery scheduled for within 24 to 48 hours of examination. One of our patient coordinators will immediately work to arrange the best possible time and hospital to suit your situation.

After Surgery

We have prepared your Post Operative Instructions here.

It is important that you follow these instructions for the quickest and smoothest of recoveries with minimal pain and risk of infection.

We have also prepared a Recommended Food List here.

Maintaining a nutrient rich diet post surgery with aid in a quick recovery with less risk of infection



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