Dr. Chris Chahoud | Surgical Instructions
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Surgical Instructions

Your Aftercare

Patients who are well prepared for surgery usually end up having a smoother recovery. We advise our patient to plan ahead prior to surgery and to follow the aftercare instructions for your procedure which we have listed below.

We encourage our patients and their carer’s to contact our staff with any questions and or queries. We are always happy to help as we know this can be a stressful time for many patients and those taking care of them.

Our friendly staff will contact you 3-4 days following surgery to check on your progress and we always appreciate your feedback.

All patients who have had surgery will receive Dr Chahoud’s after hours number. Please contact him and not your GP or hospital if you require advice.

Post-Operative Instructions

Select from the list of post operative surgical instructions below

We Are Here To Help

Dr Chahoud and his team are dedicated to your absolute care with an emphasis on a friendly, compassionate and informative environment.

As a senior Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr Chahoud will guide you through the requirements of your treatment, whether that be wisdom tooth extraction, dental implant placement and bone grafting, mouth pathology or complex jaw surgery and facial trauma.

Our experienced staff cater to the emotional and physical needs of every patient and realize that these needs are unique for each individual.

Please call us to discuss your needs.


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